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TiE Quest 2024 NEW
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TiE Quest 2024 NEW

2024 new

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Accelerate Your Startup Success

Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with TiE Toronto’s 19th Annual Business Venture Competition.

Welcome to TiE Quest

At TiE Toronto, we believe in more than just startups; we believe in creating legacies. Over the past 18 years, TiE Quest has helped hundreds of startups find investors, markets, and experts. In its 19th year TiEQuest helps founders achieve product-market fit (PMF) faster. Startups that show the best progress during the program win the competition and take home cash prizes, investments, and a network of well-wishers to rely upon.

Prizes for the winners 

Why Apply?

  • Idea Validation: Rigorous evaluation of your business model, market sizing, and competition mapping, providing invaluable insights for strategic decision-making.

  • Pre-PMF Workshop: Accelerate your journey to Product-Market Fit with expert guidance, laying the foundation for rapid advancement.

  • Sales & Marketing Mastery: Tailored coaching for B2B enterprises and groundbreaking marketing experiments for Consumer/SMB sales in the early stages.

  • Pitch Perfection: Elevate your pitch game, captivating investors, and stakeholders with a compelling narrative.

  • Benchmarking Excellence: Systematic progress tracking, weekly reports, and actionable feedback to drive continuous improvement.

  • Exclusive Network Access: Progressing startups gain privileged access to networks that can redefine your industry presence.

Other Benefits

  • Top 6 Finalists: Participate in TiE Silicon Valley's TiE 50 competition, opportunity to be featured on "Meet The Drapers," and join the TiECon 2024 Conference.

  • Top 6 Winners: Access TiE Global Network for further investment and networking.

  • Globally accessible membership: All Participants Receive complimentary Associated Charter Membership in TiE Toronto and TiE Global for 1 year, valued at $500.

  • Exposure: Gain valuable exposure to investors, mentors, and industry leaders.

  • Networking: Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, potential collaborators, and investors.

  • Feedback: Receive constructive feedback from experienced judges to refine business strategies.

  • Mentorship: Opportunity for mentorship and guidance from TiE Toronto's extensive network of successful entrepreneurs.

  • Recognition: Gain recognition for innovative ideas and entrepreneurial prowess.

Who Can Apply?

Med-tech Stream: Meant for startups working in medical devices, healthcare, or pharma domains. Startups could be B2B or consumer-focused. However, SaaS, technology, or consumer products targeted towards the healthcare industry, if they don’t have regulatory barriers would be considered general stream

General Stream: Startups working in any areas other than those covered in Med-tech, think B2B SaaS, Consumer SaaS, Fintech, D2C, climate, or any other domains would be considered in the general stream.

Program structure:

Phase I: Standard content designed specifically for early-stage startups delivered via webinars - to all the applicants

Elevator Pitch Round: Based on the quality of the application submitted, the top 50 startups move to the elevator pitch round. In this round, they get access to one-on-one mentoring, fine-tune their positioning, and validate problem-solution fit. 

Post mentoring, every startup gets to pitch to a panel of judges. 

Business Plan round: Those who advance to this round, get personalized coaching and further mentoring on highlighted areas of their business which could help them move towards PMF faster. 

After this, they get to pitch to the next set of judges. The startups that make the cut, move to the finals. There will be 3 finalists chosen from each stream.

Finals: The final Gala is where 3 finalists from each stream get to pitch on stage to a panel of judges and audience. Winners take home cash prizes, in-kind perks, and the opportunity to secure angel investment from TiE Toronto Angels.

Apply Now and Be the Next Success Story!